Aposimz Commission

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I've done another commission, so I brought it to share :D

The client wanted a fan art of Etherow from Aposimz, a fascinating sci-fi manga by Nihei Tsutomu.

He specifically wanted the character in middle of transformation process, since thats not something you get to see on the manga.

So, I tried it out along with some immitation of the loosely detailed background style of Nihei sensei as well, which I think turned out pretty well and probably gonna be exploited on other occassions as well :D

Thanks for checking out the post, and oh! I'm open to commission as well, so let me know :D

etherow aposimz thicker.jpg


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Woooow this looks really cool!!! :D

That looks pretty cool :) So you invented what the transform might look like?

I feel like I'm the only person on the planet that hasn't done fanart commissions XD

This is actually my first time doing fan art commission :D Rest assured man~

Another piece of amazing artwork! It's incredible to see how much can be done and expressed, with so few colours.

Thanks for sharing ❤️!


Looks great. Will follow you for more good stuff :)