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Hello everyone! I would like to share this work in progress coffee painting . New type of painting to post here because it is done using coffee. Don't know if I'm doing it right but yeah still trying. Coffee painting is not a new art form by any means, but recently it has been sweeping the globe and increasing in popularity. Not only is it appealing to the eye and smells great, it is a great medium for any artist who is looking to try new things.

I'm directly painting it without any guidelines of pencil and it's not that easy. The details were not exactly the same from the reference. Just letting my hand do what it wanted to do. But still based on the reference. I used Berkeley Watercolor Pad.







I hope you like it! Leave comments, I would definitely be glad to read them.

Thank You! :))


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A very nice piece of artwork and an interesting idea.

Consider this, though: You spent good money on expensive acid-free artists' paper, and then paint an acidic liquid with questionable lightfastness on it? I have just begun learning how to paint, but if I invest thousands of hours in the process, I want my work to last, preferably longer than me. If nothing else, to see how bad I was when I started :-)

BTW, if you want your paintings to smell nice, try food aromas. They're usually in a glycerine basis, which is water-soluble and reasonably compatible with watercolors and water-based inks. Vapers use them to mix their e-juice, so they're easy to come by. Just an off-the-wall idea...

Damn! That looks awesome fantastic job! I think it’s a really awesome method to use and funny enough it’s new to me lol. I can imagine that it smells great.

The detail you have even though it’s not complete, is remarkable! I look forward to you posting the finished product.

Thanks so much for more great art talent! Keep it up for sure.

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