Just Trying To Do A Coffee Painting (2)

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Finished with this Coffee Painting after 5 hours of doing it. I could say that it was done very well. Not bad for trying. Coffee painting is a beautiful art from a common household item, though this art is monochromatic, the potential is limitless. Coffee powder is mixed with plain water to get different color varients from brown to pale yellow. I love coffee and I definitely love the smell of it. If you love coffee, I hope you love this coffee painting too. :>

I uploaded the first work in progress of this on my previous post. Check it here!

|Coffee on Berkeley Watercolor Pad|









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I hope you like it! Leave comments, I would definitely be glad to read them.

Thank You! :))


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Wow, si esto se ve exelente, como seria las proximas publicaciones, saludos.

This is pretty nice! cant wait what comes next!


Beautiful, painting with coffee the smell of your art must be very rich. Your technique is very good.

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i love coffee and so yes, i love this drawing. i have tried painting with coffee a few times a long time ago... they were okay, but not as good as yours.

you have successfully maintained different values while using one color element. When i did, i simple took one tea spoon of coffee powder and some water, if i had made color with different quantity, that would have been better, i realize it now...

Impressive work!

It has to smell so good with the time...

Thanks for sharing and greetings from Mexico.

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