Death Sentence | Digital Art

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Death Sentence


Yay! Finally this work is done. :3 Took me quite some time even tho I could probably just paint it in one sitting lol.

I originally wanted to make the canvas square, then changed my mind along the way. The original plan was also holding a daisy, but then for some reason, I realized it was way too flat, cos I wanted a white daisy but then the skin is black and white. So yeah, pretty boring if you ask me and the daisy won't stand out.


Since daisy is not an option anymore, I wanted something red. Then I remembered poppies are cute lol. Being a symbol of peace and death, I chose them instead.

Here's a timelapse of the whole process.

After painting on iPad, I animated it on Photoshop.


I probably could've animated it in After Effects but I don't know how to do it atm, so I used the old school type of animation where I change it frame by frame to suggest movement. As you can see, there's a lot of frames and layers LOL.

It's minted on Makersplace:

That's it! I hope you like it :D


Wow such ana amazing art work 😀🙏⁦✌️⁩

Thank you! And thanks for poshing 😊

no problem 😄👍🙏

I add the drawing to you quite beautiful I like the blurring of black and that you will leave some parts in white makes the drawing stand out more and gives it a more realistic and deeper touch, the roses are a great ornament that makes the drawing stand out and makes it look the character delicate and sweet at the same time and the melted effect of the character was a great idea to make it look unique and beautiful the result was excellent

Thank you so much! Those aren't roses though, but poppies but yeah they kinda look like roses there haha. I'm glad it stood out <3

Like it !

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This is a great creative artworks,love the red blood dropping :)

Thank you for sharing. Always interesting to see process someone uses.

You were right to use poppies instead of daisies, they stand out much more. What a great shape your hands are in. Excellent drawing.