Keep The Fire Burning | Digital Art

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Keep The Fire Burning
Digital Art

Never forget what you're fighting for...


I bought some Photoshop brushes two weeks ago but due to some other responsibilities, I had to let it sit there for awhile. I was able to finally try it today though.

I wanted to paint it on a paper using acrylic paint (traditional painting) but I figured I had to go on a hassle of scanning the finished work and since I also found a good set of fine art brushes that can imitate the real brush, I decided to just use Photoshop.

Here's the process of it:






This is simply too good, I'm fascinated by the gif totally biased it just gives it a new dimension of expression, this piece is just so intense as usual for your art <3 but this is the best! NEW FAVORITE!!!

Thanks so much bro! :D

WOW. these brushes seem to be doing a good job. I like. ♥️ Maybe if I can get myself a drawing tablet, I'll take a look at these brushes. I'm still drawing on my phone screen.

Yeah you could! I didn't know you're using your phone. :o That's impressive already. Imagine what you could do with a drawing tablet :D

Miss, your art is burning! I loved it

I only saw this part ( see screenhot), at first sight and read the words 'Fire Burning' ( which reminds me of David Lynch's Twin Peaks ( Fire Walk With Me )

hiddenblade art.png

My focus was on the fire, my mind made the blue part into logs and the black part smoke, the yellow would be the light of the fire. In short, a fireplace.

I then checked the entire post and the comments and realized it was a woman with a face mask haha.

Love it, the overall energy and look as well as the moving fire. Also, these Photoshup brushes ( eventhough I'm not using Photoshop ) sound intriguing.

I'll keep an eye on you work from now on.

Have an awesome day and keep that fire burning,


I am also creating digital art, but this is amazing ... really. I take my virtual hat off for you sir!

Very cool, I like it!

Wow. It's nice. It looks just as if it was painted with traditional brushes and paints. Didn't know photoshop could perfectly mimic that.


Haha yah! I also didn't know this can be done, until I saw a Youtube video lol

It looks like a painting of yourself and has your signature "weird thing coming out of the eye" design.

It is! Even though this isn't a personal work, I think I'm gonna keep the self portraits style for consistency on that part lol

Nice idea. I'd recognize your art in my sleep due to the consistency

Wow i love it, it looks like we are both focused on the same theme in my last digital painting i focused on the sun shine and darkness melting together sun shine same as fire burning, and i like how you relate this to our instant situation we live 5/5 girl.

Haha yeah thanks!

Thank you!! :D