The Daydreamers | Digital Painting

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The Daydreamers

When you are overwhelmed by a lot of things you need to do so you just...


The li'l fantazy cute daisy world is better than the real one anyway.

Back in January, I had this idea for a series that was originally planned to be painted on canvas using the oil medium. I made series of digital studies as well so it would be easier for me to paint it on canvas. The pandemic happened and I had to focus on digital painting for now since it's gonna be hard to exhibit + socialize in the physical world.

This is the study that I did a few months ago:

The Daydreamers study.jpg

And the one you're seeing above this is the final output. :D Personally, I love the changes and the improvements I had since January.

And here's the timelapse for this piece:

You can view the series on Makersplace:

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Thank you <3


I like this one a lot, it's a lot more happy and bright than your usuals. Can't help but feel it's about crypto though and going full steam ahead. :D

Thank you bb :3 Your interpretation is a reflection of your thoughts XD So I guess you're excited a lot about crypto mooning lol

Is this is digitally drawn.? .i think i still need to match up with your quality and skill...but seriously i am amazed with colour combination and I hope to replicate it through my hand painting....i will try it once

Yes, digital. Colors are so tricky! It also took me quite a lot of time to learn about the proper combinations or how I will make them look good together.

Loving this one! Very cute, and the progress since January is awesome, to be honest! This one gives a happy feel thanks to the colors, and yeah, everyone loves some daydreaming from time to time, right?

Thank you!

everyone loves some daydreaming from time to time, right?

Haha yeah, but not if it gets too much that it's maladaptive XD

This is lovely. Sucks that I don't know the meaning.

3 is blaming the one for day dreaming.

They seem to be the same person however.

I guess I'll study the art some more

It's so cool to see your perspective, I didn't even thought of that figure blaming the other haha.

This is the statement for the whole series:

Daisies statement.png

Think you might be able to understand the meaning of this painting through that :D


Thank you🥰

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This is a nice and truthful concept @hiddenblade , like it so much:)

Thank you theia!! Glad you like it :D

I see myself in the picture you made! I love colors!

Thank you! Was kinda hard to choose the colors lol

Thank you!

Thank you!