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Reclaim the inner peace that has been lost...

Yep, I know. My paintings are mostly chaotic. Mostly SCREAMING. Like, straight up illustrating my anxiety lol.

But this... it's just the whole opposite of who I am normally. In normal days I am an overthinker, mind always running, heart always beating fast for some reason, always on high alert 24/7...

This one is just so peaceful. It even looks like it's breathing in and out... or if you look it in another perspective, it looks like beach waves crawling gently on the shore.

I have been meditating more these past few days. Even my dreams have been calm and it's a good thing to feel.

Calm painting

Some of you might be familiar with this painting, yep, it's the Calm painting turned into a GIF and made with the style that I am enjoying now.


This painting is in my room, just chillin on the wall. It's always staring at me, as if saying "Make me a gif!". Works that are still have different power than those in motion. I mean, they both have different effects on me and I find myself more effective with communicating in motion.

It could be because it takes a lot of skills to be able to convey your ideas in a painting that doesn't move. You need to have a lot of knowledge on art elements and principles to be able to make the viewer's eyes move around the painting.

With GIF, it's quite straightforward. Although you still need those knowledge but I find it easier.

Here's the still version of it:

Tranquility still small.jpg

The original painting has a different impact on me but I think I like the GIF better. Haha.

Which one do you like better?


The still version is beautiful I must say, the blue colours seems so relaxing if you ask me and the GIF version is a bit pulsating by all means. I love the presentations and your drawings are more than chaotic, they're mind boggling. Well done on this one

your drawings are more than chaotic, they're mind boggling

Awwww, thank you!! <3 Always been nice to hear that my paintings make you think. Thank you so much :D

Yeah it definitely does, it's so good to be able to relate to them nicely, keep up the good work.

Yeap o remember this one i saw first time on IG both of it are great actualy i can not chose only one because each one of it has it own magic c an you have your own style and i really enjoy it, im on my way also to discover my own style

Thank you!! Yeah, I personally struggled to find my own style and I have known some who also had that too. It might be a bumpy ride to you but just enjoy the experimentation and soon you'll get there! :D

Yeah im enjoying it so far every little detail in this experience matter. :D

I like the gif. Calm and peace oh yes✌️

I like the gif but I love the painting!

"But this... it's just the whole opposite of who I am normally. In normal days I am an overthinker, mind always running, heart always beating fast for some reason, always on high alert 24/7..." You are talking about me!

Hahah yeah I've always felt we are alike. I can see through your works :D Thank you! :D

This is too creative way to make a portrait drawing to a front ground,your signature pink painting on the face and black and white body parts...Great work..

Have a nice day...

Thank you so much!

Hello my friend. i liked the gif of this drawing! You gave a perfect move. congratulations. ♥️

Thank you! <3

I like the gif more. It has this calming effect the more I stare at it. It's as if my breathing resonated with the movement of the "waves". Char not char.

Do you know the app "Calm" where it has this feature that you'll sync the motion with your breathing for meditation? It also feels like that haha. Glad you felt the calmness too <3

So there's a calm app? I think I need it right now with all the shit's happening in the Philippines. 😂

Love your gif's sis, this one has a really lovely ethereal feeling, when I look at it feels heavenly <3 thank you for this

oh yeah

Hahaha that gif. What a goddess. Thanks bro :D

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Thought twas a movies I was about seeing, I cleaned my eyes, and, oops...twas a gif. Its top notch. I so love the gif

Haha thank you!

wuao is an extraordinary job I really liked it Congratulations for the good job honey kisses !!

Thank you so much!