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When Will The Daisies Bloom?


This is a spontaneous art that I made while sitting on the sofa. Unlike my usual process of planning ahead, imagining the art, making sketches, thinking about the concept and composition... this one was drawn without them in mind and adding random colors and experimenting with the elements until I got to this.

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This was my initial sketch drawn on iPad Pro which I then redrew on Photoshop with my Huion pen display. Drawing this was fast since I didn't have to overthink the things, maybe that's what I needed to do: just be spontaneous and not plan too much. Redrawing it on Photoshop was necessary since I use it as my main program now and you can produce a higher quality using it.

This study probably took 10 minutes while the final work took a week to make considering I am easily distracted and motivations go on and off.


I recorded the process on video as well for social media short video even though I don't usually like doing stuff on camera (whether it's my face or drawing). But I'm going out of my comfort zone now and I know it's fun to watch video processes of art because I personally like watching them from other artists.

Anyway, I think that's all I can say for now as I think the art is pretty much self-explanatory lol. In the past I write a poem or any statement to pair it with my art but nowadays my mind is just blank.


I don't know why, but the initial sketch kind of reminded me of traditional art. Maybe it's the look of paintbrush and smudges; it feels more organic. The redrawn one looks cleaner and has more details, but weirdly, I like the simplicity and imperfections of the sketch.

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I think it's the colors, most traditional art would have colors like those. I liked it initially but switched to a more digital look. That's also why I chose to draw on my PC so I would have consistent brushes on final works, the brushes I have on iPad are different haha.

Right? I felt this way too, that's probably why it took me a while to finish.

I looked at them again, and yeah, you might be right. It was the muted colors that made it feel more traditional.

In the past I write a poem or any statement to pair it with my art but nowadays my mind is just blank.

I understand...
Being overly creative at times is tiring 😂😂

Its still a pretty dope piece🔥..

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Very tiring! Thank you! :D

I love it! ♥♥

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Thank you Bárbaraaa❤️

Yes, the spontaneous painting is always the best, because I know it never goes as planned!
I think your painting is a happy one. I like color!

It's not easy to create something without planning anything, but this piece is a proof that it's possible and it can be beautiful! I know the feeling but it's something that don't happen often. I love it sooo much! ✨💚