Painting from life an Apple! - with process photos

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Hi all, sharing with you all a quick life study of an apple and its process done with acrylics. I have recently been painting more from life as I believe you can achieve greater expression of the painting experience than from painting from an image. It really forces you to look and observe the form and values that can change with the environment lighting over time. Although very challenging I believe it leads to better results than painting from an image.

Working from a photo can be useful especially for details that you may have missed working from life but I believe you also want to depict what the human eye sees not what a high resolution camera sees and that would include blurriness away from the focal point.

Process Photos



Completed with acrylics on paper over several hours.

I would encourage you to try something similar to this to improve your painting and observation skills!



Drawing/painting from life is a lot harder, but it is so much more rewarding! It trains your eyes in ways that drawing/painting from an image will never do. Good luck on your journey!

Thanks, I completely agree :)