Drawing of Harley Quinn from the movie Suicide Squad

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Well I'm encouraged to do this drawing by Harley Quinn because I liked the role of bad but very bad, to make the drawing after 27 hours and 32 minutes, so I hope and I want you to like it and if you like you already know with a your comment is worth me you do not need to vote but share it so that more people see it.

The drawing is made from this photo http://prntscr.com/uh9ljj









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So you just came back after a long break and all you do is repost content from Steem EVERYDAY... question is, when are you gonna post a FRESH content?

It's okay to repost once in a while but that's ALL you do since you came back.

I was checking this right now, glad to see your comment

There is no problem gentleman, you are free to vote or not, a cordial greeting

Sorry for not answering before, and what you say is right if the next one will upload one of the last, but I also tell you, that hive started from zero but when it did it exported not only the accounts and the sp also the posts, But I also tell you that a lot of that post they don't know about and others do, that's why I upload it again, and I don't upload every day I upload only twice a week, now I just draw because I'm helping my people in Brazil who If you watch the news we are having a very bad time, anyway everyone is free to vote or not vote, I do not force anyone, I only put them to see you.

Greetings and I hope to read more

Yes they are free to vote or not but with you not being transparent about them being reposts, I bet 98% of those who voted aren't even aware they are reposts. It is also very insulting if you ask me, coming back here after being inactive cos you saw an opportunity to earn here on Hive but only repost and spam the chain with old content. I don't know for others though but that's just me.

You can always repost them, just be transparent that it is a repost (state at the title or in the description) AND don't do it frequently. Probably once a month will do.

So much details. Impressive.

This art is absolutely stunning! Thanks por compartilhar!

Looks great! I love highlights on the lips.

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