Girl pencil drawing artwork 🎨🎨🎭

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Drawing is basically a code language to express the mind, which is called the language of the picture, the language in which emotions, illusions, feelings are found, everything is hidden in this picture and we spend half of our life to develop it, just to learn to draw a perfect picture. I don't know why people do so many things for their hobbies, to what level people can go to fulfill their hobbies, maybe only those who have experienced it will understand. Art is a craft that tries to bring out a new form with pencils and colors and different materials. Another artist tries his best to shape the picture so that it can be representative of the whole world and they are written in history. No matter what I say about the eight, everything will seem less. Paintings by Lajja Vinci Paintings by the famous artist Zainal Abedin of Bangladesh A special quality among them was that a form and a religion of work and a medium of work were all found in this painting. Without further ado let me tell you about my drawing in detail and present it to you step by step

Step 1

First of all, all the materials needed for painting are cold brain, paper, pen, paint, and brush for painting, a small container for holding paint and a board. Meaning how I drew the picture and how I shaped the picture from start to finish. There may be nothing to analyze in the field of drawing. If you want to learn drawing, you must have a strong belief in your mind that I can do this work and try to do it again and again. And that's how I have developed with a long time of strong faith and love for work. This is my talent. This is how I started painting and sharing it with you is my indomitable addiction and I hope that addiction will stand as a future path for me. In the first step, I only drew the shape of the figure's head and body.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

*Step 7 . The final art *

Thanks for everyone and special thanks for @ecency ..


Interesting. It is quite possible to transfer such a drawing to curves and it will be very nice.

Thanks for your kindness words 😚

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