My first Icon

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I always had a wish to paint a real icon. This is my first one.
24x 18 cm, 2021, Private collection.
It's not as easy as it looks to create such a sacred image using traditional techniques. Really had to look into this and probably do many more until I'm happy with the result.

I used casein colors for the first time.
I also tried to make them by myself, but the casein binder from "Schminke" was too viscous and cracked very soon.
Plaka from "Pelikan" was very good, simply wonderfully fresh colors and every line visible.
The downside: it dries very quickly and I didn't manage to glaze it.

It looks different at daylight than at night.
The gold is acrylic paint.


Thanks everyone! <3

 5 months ago  

Beautiful work Vesna!

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Nein, hab ich nicht!