Vulcan at his Forge

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This painting is a reworking of an exercise I did for a workshop for some of my students. The painting waited a couple of years in my studio before inspiration finally hit on how to resolve it.


I was looking at the artwork from other artists in my Instagram feed when I saw an image that caught my eye. The colour theme of this painting gave me the solution to finally taking my own painting forward. Surprisingly, there was very little I had to do. So after several years of waiting, I resolved the painting in one evening.


Here's the original workshop exercise for reference.

"Vulcan at the Forge", Leo Plaw, 40 x 30cm, oil on canvas.

Original available.

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Looks amazing 🤓

 3 months ago  

Thank you Caroline!

 3 months ago  

Thank you Caroline! 😀

!discovery 35

 3 months ago  

Thank you!

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