Irresistible - Original Media Media Artwork

in OnChainArtlast year (edited)

Irresistible - Lavi Picu.png

All love stories have their charms,
a furtive smile, the endless inuendo ,
an extra glass of wine, all followed
by muffled giggles and deep sighs,
typical sign of a fatal attraction,
which it will lead to your downfall.

The image displayed above, "Irresistible" is one of my latest pieces, a mixed media artwork realized on Strathmore paper. It is not available for purchase.


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Lavi Picu is an interdisciplinary artist, currently residing in Montreal, Canada. She is an emerging visual artist who uses painting and poetry as alternative forms of self expression as well as pain management therapy for Lyme disease. She is also the author of four soulful collections of poetry.

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