The Taciturn - Original Ink Drawing

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The Taciturn - Lavi Picu.png

In lands afar, where shadows dance,
There roams a wanderer in a mystic trance.
Known by many names in diverse tongues,
An enigma, a shadow without a voice or a name .

Through ancient forests and desert sands,
He travels silently to distant lands.
His face obscured, his true self concealed,
An immortal taciturn, his fate sealed.

In whispers, they speak of this elusive one,
The seeker of truth, under different suns.
In tales woven by bards, the legends unfold,
A hero unsung, his story yet untold.

In the land of legends, he's Merlin the wise,
Guiding Arthur, with dreams that arise.
In Asian realms, he's the Wandering Sage,
Sharing wisdom, as he turns the page.

From African plains to South American shores,
He walks unseen, forever exploring new doors.
Known as the Silent Oracle, in temples of old,
A beacon of hope, his secrets untold.

His true name, a secret, forever concealed,
As he wanders, humanity's wounds he'll heal.
A champion of souls, lifting them from despair,
With a touch of magic, he mends hearts laid bare.

Through cycles of time, he remains steadfast,
Defying mortal bounds, a shadow he'll cast.
He seeks to uplift, to inspire and ignite,
The dormant flame within, to shine ever bright.

In mystical tales, he's a guiding light,
A symbol of resilience, in the darkest night.
The immortal wanderer, his purpose grand,
To elevate humanity, with an outstretched hand.

So, seek him not by name or face,
For his essence transcends time and space.
A legend, a mystery, forever unseen,
In every culture, he wears a different sheen.

May his presence touch your heart and soul,
As his wanderings continue, towards an unknown goal.
For the immortal wanderer seeks unity's keys,
Lifting humanity off its knees.

The Taciturn - Lavi Picu. .png

The image above is my latest drawing, "The Taciturn" , the latest addition to my big format ink series of doodles.


already a fascinating, soulful poem and then partnered with quite an intricate piece of art truly touches the soul crying for adventure, thanks for sharing your work on this 😊

Thank you for your feedback and support! Much appreciated ;-)