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I mentioned before I was going to try to get back into the groove of producing work daily. This is what I ended up with today.


Working with x-particles in Cinema 4D is a great go to if I'm struggling to get started. So much you can do that looks cool, if you just play around for a bit, one thing leads to another and boom, you got a network face girl sort of thing.


Looking at the whole face you can tell it's a face, but the close up is where you can actually make out the details.

Anyway, that's about it for today. Hope you like. See you all in the next post.


All you people that produce work daily, meanwhile I struggle to produce the progblogs weekly XD

How do these particles work, were you pushing them around and then decided on that shape eventually or did you generate them on a human shape?

The basic logic goes, be born on this shape(human face), have a lifespan of x, once you’re 80% of the way through your lifespan, start being affected by a turbulence field that pushes them around. Since they’re born at a certain rate and not all at the same time, the oldest particles get affected first, so the main body of particles is still maintaining the face shape.

The key to making daily art is to have that be the goal vs making something good. Whatever you can do in a day, do that. If all you got is 20 min, do a 20 minute thing. It probably won’t be that exciting to you, but that’s okay. Usually you surprise yourself and do stuff that’s not half bad. Or you do something terrible, but maybe learn something. Or it’s terrible and you learn nothing. That happens too lol.

Ahh yep, they sound like particles (unless they do something spectacular that I'm unaware of that warrants the extra letter XD).

Hmm I guess I technically do daily art, I mean I'm working on a project every day? x_x