Class Demo from Tonight

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This is a quick demo for my 3D game art class tonight. Making a barrel is a favorite since it's a simple shape but you can add some nice detail in the texture.


Model here is super simple, but the magic happens during texturing.


Once in Substance Painter, I started out by making the wood panels with a height map


Then I start layering on different materials.






In the end I'm blending multiple layers of wood materials, metal, rust, multiple layers of dirt, and the Jack Daniels logo, which was a request from one of the students hehe. I'm still a bit amazed what's possible in such a short amount of time these days. The tools are so powerful it's kind of insane. After all that for the sake of sharing I took things into C4D and Octane for a quick render. That's the first image. Got the lighting idea from one of the references I was looking at. Looked like an underground wine cellar.

Hope you all like. See you in the next post.


This is pretty cool. Which tool are you using?

Thanks, Maya and Substance Painter

Thanns! Cool. I like to learn. I will create time for it soon.

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I do love how much nonsense you can do with texturing :D

And still trying to nut out how much I can abuse texturing for with game art as focusing on animation even though I generally try to keep things as low as possible to help with rendering, I will also just keep adding polygons til I get the shape I want which is probably slightly less of an option with game assets XD

The barrel/s look sweet, it is pretty amazing what can be done in how much time :O