Glossy Cubes are so 2021

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I recently bought one of the greatest little pieces of software ever created. It's called Unwrella and it unwraps UV's automatically. If you aren't into 3D that probably doesn't mean anything to you but know that whenever you make anything 3D, in order to paint that thing you first have to go through a very UN-creative process called UV'ing where you take that 3D object and unwwrap it to 2D space. You can think of it as the inverse of taking a clothing pattern and sewing up all the seams. It's taking a 3D thing, creating seams, and laying it out flat.

It's time consuming and a pain in the ass, and a perfect thing for some algorithm or AI to please do for me. That's where Unwrella comes in. Normally, an object like the one I have here would be too much of a pain to UV, so there are ways to texture it, but usually you'd skip UV'ing on something like this. Well no with one click I was able to unwrap it then bring it into my favorite 3D painting app and go to town.


In the end it's just another fun daily. I learned a few things while creating this and that's usually what I'm hoping for with quick sketches like this so I'd say it's a success.

Hmm, yea, that's about it. Technical crap nobody cares about. Started in C4D where I made the model, UV'd in Maya with the Unwrella plugin, textured in Substance Painter, then back to C4D for rendering in Octane, then over to Black Magic Fusion for a bit of post work. That's all, see you in the next post.


I dunno, I’d say that’s worth shouting and posting about!
Hell, anything that makes my life significantly easier gets it’s own spotlight!
Glad you’ve found it.

It really is a god send 😂

I really like the mastery of textures, whether procedural or by UV mapping, (I am very new to 3D, sorry if I write things that make you uncomfortable due to my ignorance) but I really like the realism of the old industrial metal finish, with a touch of rust As time goes by, I am just in the learning stage in the world of 3D but I hope that after a lot of effort, time and dedication I will reach such impressive levels of realistic 3D detail. 😍

I'd upvote for a cube.
I mean: The Cube.
Could you make OpenSource one for Hive? :-)

This could happen, what does THE Hive cube look like?

So look at the Hive logo. This is a cube. We see three faces, one is solid red (on the left).


The upper right:


The lower right:


You get the idea? Sorry for low resolution ;-)

Hey @midlet, sorry to jump in off-topic.
Do you mind reviewing and supporting the Hive Authentication Services proposal? That would be much appreciated.
Your feedback about the project is welcome too.
Thank you.

Supported. Definitely looks like a step in the right direction. 😊

great software, great results of great quality. This example you brought perfectly embodies the concept of how a simple thing can be beautiful. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.