Particle Play

in OnChainArtlast year


Another one of these not so daily renders. Again playing with particle simulations. This sort of stuff is really fun for me. It's cool to make something that looks really realistic while also being so abstract.



For these I used Cinema 4D, the x-particles plugin, and Octane Render for rendering. My usual trio for this type of stuff. Hope you like, thanks for checking it out.


Your effects make the colored "beads" ridiculously cool to look at! Ever turn any of your creations into a gif? @midlet

Thanks @ninahaskin, I definitely have. I've posted lots of animations here before, would have to dig through the blog.

Excellent! @midlet

Now that I know you previously posted in your blog I'll look when I have a bit of time! If you find them before I do please tag me on a few.

Enjoy the rest of your day!💫

I’m like a magpie I love anything shiny ❤️‍🔥

Haha, me too.

This tech is amazing and I bet it's a blast to play with I love your 'abstraction' of realistic items and the trio of gold, silver, copper tones very soothing as well. @midlet

Looks like it could be an ECU of some kind of Christmas decoration 😆

Haha, I thought that too.

freaky, looks super real!


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This looks awesome :). I am getting ideas now which I can use in Blender!

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