Showcase Sunday: How to build a 3D Corridor in only 1,145,430,432 Easy Steps!

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For today's #showcase-sunday post(which I've fallen off of for a few weeks), I'll be going through the creation of this 3D Corridor. Back in the day I made this and recorded I think the entire process which I then shared in multiple posts on the blockchain that shall not be named.







In terms of software, I used Autodesk Maya for the modeling, Cinema 4D and Octane for the lighting, texturing and shading. All of the textures are procedurally built inside Octane I think, maybe used some generic roughness maps. I think the whole thing took a little over 8 hours. Enjoy!


Wonderful lighting. I created a whole modular set of "sci-fi" corridors once, with the intent of using it in some sort of game engine - but like most projects I start in 3D software, I very quickly abandon them :D


@ana-maria, this might interest you

Yes it does, 😊 but you must be kidding me! Don't you know that I am 1,145,430,432 not easy miles far away to come even to the starting point of this guy?! 😂

I am not kidding you :) He's a pro, I know. You can become one too.

Well this is just wild! Ps. I wanted to ask, how long did it take for your Maker's Place Registration to be handled?

It took almost a month unfortunately. :(

Wow. Just wow.

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I didn't use these software before but they looks like blender, I mean if we compared the result, I can see that you worked hard to finish this work, I am not professional but your post inspired me, thank you very much .

What a stunning piece of work. I wish the Space Station looked like this.

 2 months ago 

I remember this corridor. It was either when I started following you or not long after XD

You are talented and hard working! I like it!


This is so lovely

Wow, just wow @midlet and a good chuckle, yeah thousands of steps, for me it'd probably be millions, if I even saw it through without some swears and far too many cups of coffee.

What's your workstation's specs?
I'm thinking you've got to have one hell of a monster of a machine to run that type of software while recording.

I can only keep dreaming I might do 1% of what you did, maybe one day in my next life! 😄