Some Abstract Water RnD

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Wow, so many posts in here now. Somebody rang the $2.00 Hive bell haha. Well it's all good, you're all welcome here.

Been thinking lately about some ideas for a new series of NFT's and I think I might do something involving a water theme. This is a little test I came up with tonight. Would really like it to loop, but that won't work with the current technique I'm using. Going to think more about it.


To make it I take a ball, clone it and randomize the clones positions.


Then displace those balls with an animated noise.


Then throw it all in a volume and smooth the crap out of it.


Mesh it, throw on a shader and voila.


There was another version that had these smaller scale ripples on the surface, but I liked all the refraction in the smooth one more.

Hope this $2.00 Hive sticks around for a while, but you know you can always keep posting even when Hive isn't as high, that way when it gets high you have some to sell if you want. Just sayin...

See you all in the next post.


Fantastic work as always!
great work and rendering !! ❤️
Really nice style!!


most welcome dear ❤️

Happy New Year dear @midlet

I just came across your page and I am already excited about this first post I am seeing.
This is a really dope design work @midlet 😊😊

Thanks @peaq! :)

You are welcome 🙏🏼

wow, that's some cool simulation and rendering, love this!

Congratulations @midlet!
You raised your level and are now an Orca!

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so many days you are not active, hope all are well and God bless you dear.

I'm good. Just more curation than posting these days.

I like what you do)

what is the name of this softwere?
everything you do looks great