Swarm No.1 - New Work on Makersplace

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Swarm_03 copy.jpg

Well it's been a while again since I've posted or minted anything but I've been wanting to get back into things. Lately I've been busy with freelance work and it's taken up all my time. This is the first in a new series called Swarm and it's really something I stumbled upon while working on something else.


I've been doing a lot of particle work lately and while usually particle motion graphics are just a simple ball or an even simpler shape, they can actually be any 3D model, so I wondered how things would perform if I used an extremely detailed scan. Turns out it was actually blazing fast even with tens of thousands of instances. Maybe hundreds of thousands. Don't think I broke a million but I probably could.


Several months ago I got into mining Ethereum with a GPU miner. A secondary benefit of that is if I need a boost to my rendering power I can turn that on for network rendering and it boosts my render speed by about 6x from what I have in my work computer alone. Just makes experimenting more satisfying when rendering takes minutes instead of hours.


One good thing about this price drop is lower gas fees. You can check this piece out on Makersplace here:


Hope you all are good. Seems like the world is totally losing it. Sometime you just need to stare at a hundred thousand naked ladies to help you get through the day. You're welcome.


What a fascinating piece and to have the ability to take such a detailed image and mass produce and recreate it like so much soft clay is truly amazing. The tech world always amazes me and you get to mine ETH to boot, well don you @midlet :)

Been awhile since I went to one of those parties.

Haha, what happens in the 8th dimension stays in the 8th dimension.

Can still take the memories home.

it is so cool