The Journey Continues

in OnChainArtlast year


Further exploring how auto painters can be used, this time around I set things up to be very broad and loose, then just went in and painted on top. Adding a touch of detail in certain areas as well as pushing the abstraction in the background. I definitely do feel like this has some promise. There's always the blockout phase of a painting so here it's just letting the AI do the blockout then just going in and "finishing". I didn't really finish this to a high level or anything, just enough to get the point across.

Again, here the original source is a 3D render that I set up.


Did a bit of cloth sim to make the BG look like something, but it all just pretty much became brushstrokes in the end.

Anyhoo, that's it for this sketch. Might see what happens with a landscape in the future.


Your art is very wonderful!

Thanks :)

It´s super cool C:

Well it's doing a good job or making a good start or whatever it is you were using it for XD Something that will speed up your workflow once you figure out when and where you need it? :)

I'm kind of feeling sorry for @adamada as I think this was the kind of thing that was causing headaches for them XD

really very good friend