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Sometimes I don't really have a lot to say about the stuff I make. There's not always(usually) a lot of thought in it. I just sit down with the intention of making something and then I do, and sometimes I like it enough to show it to people. That doesn't make for a good story though so, yea I dunno. I've got nothing today. Here's some close ups.



Hope you like. I did a few more in this same vein as well as my last post. Look out for those. See you all in the next post.


I really love these, they obviously feel so sculptural, it's really mesmerizing to look into the layers of the figures repeat. Love it @midlet

This is soliiid!, I'm trying to work on my emissions. Working having more details and publicly appreciated uniqueness.

Me gusto mucho tu trabajo ¡Saludos!

Esto me parece exquisito !!!

Thanks! :)

Duude phenomenal work!

Thanks! Glad you like :)

This really caught my eye. I also had to go look at "The Swarm". I like that too. Both of them are quite evocative. Reminds me a bit of Escher. There is an eerie quality, among other things. Interesting pieces. Did you use a model for the image of the female figure?

Thanks! Yea, the model of the woman is a 3D scan.

Wild stuff, way beyond anything I'm doing. Really enjoyed seeing both.

wow! It is a collage of several very interesting women, it made me think about the fact of walking thoughtfully, that you immerse yourself in a conversation with yourself or with all your selves inside of you 😁

This work has so much depth to it.
I imagine it tells the story that there are so many layers to a person especially when they are naked (figuratively) at their truest state.
My thoughts though.

This is amazing! @midlet 👌👌👌

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Hello sir can i ask you why you stopped posting?