My longest painting so far

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Last few days I have been trying to do some loose sketch. Today had little more time and used it to do a detailed sketch based on a photo of a building in Aluva, Kerala which I took last week.

Unlike rest of the paintings this one took me 2h 30m to finish and with sketching time of about 30m it is my most time consuming painting... Not bad .. may be I should do it more .. but I'm lazy 😖

Watercolor painting on paper. 440gsm A3 size




Reference image:


Nice 👍
I would need 2 years to do such a painting...or 2 lives, better said. 😜😇

Hahaha.. Yes it took me about 3years to do this in 3 hrs.. so technically you are correct 😁

You are totally right. I made the same "mistake" as many do when I play the piano 😂

If I can play something from the almost first sight, the same questions arrise, how can I do it? It would take years to learn.

The pre-preparation time that took us to that level is that many forget (me included here in your case ). I was just amused with you painting 🤩 and fell into the trap of connecting it with time 😂

👍 Exactly
Love your piano skill..
I had tried my hand few years on a violin and then realised that music is not my kind of thing.. don't have that sense to hear something and decode to music notes so easy as others 🤪

Beautiful work 👌

Thank you 😊