OCA Announcements! Curation Compilation Posts, Analytics, and Gamification

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Hello OnChainArtists!

@midlet speaking and I want to let you all know about some exciting developments in the community. First off, check out the recent post by
OCD outlining the community incubation program sponsored by OCD.


OCD has been supporting OCA from early days and the manner in which they're not only supporting OCA, but many other communities is evolving into what I feel will be a powerful stimulus to Hive overall.

The details are in that post, but I'll summarize things here. Moving forward the @onchainart account will be making *daily(as I'll be the only one composing these in the beginning I'll do my best to maintain that frequency) posts compiling the posts that have been curated by the @onchainart account, which is the official curation account of OCA.

The rewards for these posts will be used to fund and support a variety of community initiatives as well as grow the community curation account and pay the staff who actively moderate the community.

I'm no accountant so I still need to figure out the specifics, but some of the things I'm looking to do with these funds.

  • Grow the @onchainart account's stake for more power for curation.
  • Keep a reserve for tipping exceptional posts or activity
  • Pay OCA Staff
  • Start saving for the development of a custom OCA frontend.

These are the main things I'm interested in currently and where the money will be going.

Next on the list and related to the second bullet point above, in cooperation with @dalz, I'll also be sharing a weekly Analytics post showcasing the communities top performers in areas like:

  • Who's posted the most
  • Who's earned the most
  • Who's commented the most
  • Who's post got the most comments

As well as some other general Community data.

I'll be figuring out some way to reward the people who are at the tops of these metrics to gamify the community a bit, and the first of these posts is incoming soon.

All in all I think these changes will make the community more fun and engaging and I hope it's something that positively impacts the experience.

If you want to help out, you can follow the @onchainart trail here


or delegate to @onchainart to give the community more power to reward community members. This account only votes on content in the OnChainArt Community except for a few exceptions where I've used it to support art posts either in a different art community or not posted in a community at all, but either way, it's ONLY used to reward art posts on Hive and just about exclusively in OCA.

This is a really good way to support the community if you're an artist here but don't have much time/energy for curation. You can delegate that work to us since we'll be doing it anyway.

Keep creating awesome work and sharing it far and wide. How long will it take to reach 10k subs in OCA???


I am one who thinks and has always thought that the community idea is great. It is nice to see when the creators of a community do actively manage the community and have set out clear guidelines for what the community is, and then to keep the users informed of the direction of the community. To me these are important. After all if I want a calendar that features and is all about Horses, I would be rather upset to see that July and November featured cows and not horses.

Yes! This is great!! :D

You are great. Thanks a lot.

It is good the link that exists between @onchainart and @ocd, in fact they add a high value to the hive both communities, I see the incredible works that they publish in OCA, that inspires me every day in my art path. I hope your strategies bring more success and community interaction.

Excellent, I have been using the tag in almost all recent art posts and although I have not been voted in some, I am glad that communities like these exist. Long live art!

Excellent, I have been using the tag in almost all recent art posts and although I have not been voted in some, I am glad that communities like these exist. Long live art!

Can we repost our old blog in this community. It would be very appreciable if I could. I have been using your tag until now, but I just realised we can directly post in the community. So, i would love to share my work with more people.