Degenerate [EN/DE]

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I´m reposting this shy little guy I made of clay in 2007. The tiny frogs were modelling for my camera and digitally added. No animals were harmed! My parents have a garden with a pond. There are years when hundreds of little frogs start their migration from there into the big wide world. So I had many chances to take pictures of them.

Ich reposte diesen schüchternen kleinen Kerl, den ich 2007 aus Knete gemacht habe. Die winzigen Frösche haben für mich gemodelt und wurden digital ergänzt. Es kamen keine Tiere zu Schaden! Meine Eltern haben einen Garten mit Teich. Es gibt Jahre, in denen Hunderte kleiner Frösche von dort aus ihre Wanderung in die große weite Welt starten. So hatte ich viele Gelegenheiten, Bilder von ihnen zu machen.




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Thank you for reading! | Danke für´s Lesen!

Autumn Blueberry | Heidelbeerenherbst [EN/DE]


OHHHHH so cute 🤗

I love how expressive and natural is the crature's pose😍
And great use of old photos with the frogs! For sure that's the kind of idea that wouldn't have come to my mind 😅

Thank you <3 Oh yeah, it´s pretty weird, I don´t know anymore where this idea came from. BUT thinking about it... this could become a concept for more pictures like this :P

Oh I love him, and tiny frog too I love drawing creatures,but struggle if sculpting

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