Herbstling NFT [EN/DE]

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When everything dies, he comes alive.

New tokenized art at @nftshowroom. Animation of my sculpture and photomanipulation "Herbstlin"g from 2014. Here´s a detailed making of the picture. May he accompany you through this season. Sound? By @michaeldietrich

Es gibt ein neues NFT von mir auf @nftshowroom. Animation meiner Skulptur und Photomanipulation "Herbstling" von 2014. Hier ist ein detailliertes Making of des Bildes. Möge er euch begleiten durch diese Jahreszeit. Sound? Von @michaeldietrich


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Autoaggression [EN/DE]


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Beautiful!! 🍁🍂🍁

Thank you :)

I really like this job, it's relaxing, the colors are perfect. Congratulations also for the animation, it makes it more interesting.

Thanks for your kind words. It's an interesting challenge to animate artworks years after the creation.

Very nice! I love the progressive tint of the leaves/wings :)

Wow ist das schön !LUV






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Vielen lieben Dank ♥ Hab einen schönen Sonntag!

danke 😊

This is really lovely and I adore that it started as a 3-d space. I'm definitely making my own NFT with more of my normal in real world process before the final NFT is put together. It will take me longer but I love the process of art making so in the end I'll enjoy it more. Really wonderful piece.

The process of making art is the best part of it. Looking forward to see more of it. Thanks for your kind words!