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RE: OnChainArt Rules (Yaaaay)

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I've been wanting to get back onto Steemit now that I've settled into my new job and have some time.

Might have to do it through OnChainArt, seems like a nice community !

I was wondering how you approach computer artists ? A majority of my art is combinations of AI, Image editing, and using symmetry filters to extract patterns, and I sometimes use as base materials Public Domain or CC-BY images.

Should I avoid posting art based on manipulating public domain imagery ?

In any case, I'm going to subscribe and keep an eye on this :)


good question - when you talk about Public Domain images, check out RIJKSMUSEUM STUDIO (if you haven't already) - they supply high-res images and even encourage you to create with them and show off your creations! I had done so with a few of their collection, but I would not post them here, though I did post on my Steemit blog.

excellent perspective, and thank you for the link !
I've added it to my folder of "raw material" sources :)

I'll probably stay with artworks based on and personal "drawings" (I suck at drawing, so I tend to just make a couple simple shapes... then work the hell out of them using AI or image editing filters ) or my own photos I've edited.

I wonder how artbreeder stands in the "own images" category ?
I sometimes source from them too. Makes for excellent starting points to try and find interesting patterns in.

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I've been playing with Weavesilk some times - you can create some weird patterns with it. There is some use for it, but not by itself. I did not know about Artbreeder - thanks for the link. Since we are at it, have you done anything on Deep Dream? You have to sign up for it and be a active member for a while before you can create larger resolution images. They would still not be poster-size, but with some of them I had luck playing in Photoshop with filters, mirroring etc - getting large enough results I could use as patterns on T-Shrts for example.
Here is a particularly good example from a photo of myself in Hawaii, over 20 years ago.
if you check it out in Steempeak, you can zoom into it (right-click and open in new tab).

I agree, a lot of these are just resources. Places for us to create and amplify patterns that we can then adapt using our own creative perspectives.

A lot of my artworks have incorporated Deepdreamgenerator (I've elected to support them with 15$/month through their Patreon to double my Deep Style max quality limit, given how often I use it !), often applied to Weavesilk patterns, actually !

Here's one I'm particularly proud of:


you've got a pretty interesting one there.
Deep Dream with the default set often gives a bit nonsensical renders (the initial dataset had way too many dogs in it), but the way it reinterpreted your face makes you look like a space paon !

PS: Just saw they're having a "Natural and Digital Painting kit" bundle on Humble Bundle. The 1$ threshold is a tool that seems very similar to weavesilk, though more based on creating animated mandala effects.
The other tools also look pretty interesting, given how cheap they are compared to full market prices, and the interesting effects they promise to deliver.

I've gotten it for myself, to see if I can use it to create some new pieces :)