WARNING! Beware of Yeti! [Digital Art]

in OnChainArt4 months ago

Today I felt a bit creative and fun.

I looked for a photo of mine that could be as a canvas. Not an empty white canvas but something like this:

woods color.jpg

And you all may think, but this is not a canvas! Well, following what I have in mind it is for me today.

Yes, there I was in the woods in the UK, somewhere in the north of London I think.

Yes, it is not empty, it is full of trees randomly scattered. But at the same time feels like there is something missing, something that is about to happen.

There is an inviting big space in the foreground, like telling you to camp there or to have a lovely picnic with your friends.

But, that is not what happened that day...

First of all the colors were gone!
woods blanco y negro.jpg

And we had this phantasmagoric scene. Ok well, it went from being a pleasant walk in a nice and sunny tree area to a creepy wood where you are expecting something to jump on you anytime!

And here he came!!


bigfoot no people.jpg

It was almost as tall as the trees! And as furious as a bear. It looked at you and started to smell you sweating as you started to run for your life!

bigfoot final.jpg

Everything is blurry. You can't think of anything else but running and running to save your life.

I had fun creating this today! I hope you guys liked this kinda see the Photoshop/collage process and storyboard/storytelling.

Let me know in the comments!

ImagesPhoto taken by me and photoshop by me.
LocationSomewhere in the UK

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I think it looks better without the blurry people running, but they added this meaning that I really appreciate, haha. An outstanding job, and I also appreciate a lot that you made the Yeti interact with the original image, it looks clean and cool. Good stuff! ✨

Yeah, I kinda like it with the Yeti by itself too.. that is why I post both versions haha.
Thanks a lot for your kind words! :)

runnnn. . . runn for your life. . said the two human. : )
lovely result my friend.

Thank you! :) I am glad you liked it! :)

You made the process look simple and easy. I like the way you wrapped the Yeti's arm around the tree for added realism.

Thanks a lot! I am glad you liked it. Yeah at first I placed it behind but then I thought it could be a good idea, like it is holding the tree interacting with the scene.

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