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Una amiga y yo acordamos que este sábado 23 de enero 2021 haríamos cada uno una ilustración sobre el personaje Fran del videojuego Franbow, que es una niña en la que es sometida a un psiquiátrico para locos después de haber descubierto que sus padres habían sido asesinados viendo ella misma los cuerpos. No les contaré más. Yo subí el mío en la tarde y mi amiga por la noche y considero que ambos hicimos un buen trabajo. Nos vemos a la próxima.


A friend and I agreed that this Saturday, January 23, 2021, we would each do an illustration about the character Fran from the video game Franbow, who is a girl who is put in a mental institution for the insane after discovering that her parents had been murdered by seeing the bodies herself. I won't tell you more. I uploaded mine in the afternoon and my friend in the evening and I think we both did a good job. See you next time.

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Materiales / Materials: Laptop, Photoshop, Mouse.

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Thanks. <3

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If anyone was wondering what Fran Bow would look like as an anime, I guess now they will have some idea XP

Looks like you're starting to push your computer a bit with the colouring, there's a 3d-ish look creeping in :) and you changed up the expression :D

Hopefully soon different face shapes? ;D

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Thank you Ry. I am very happy that a person like you gives me this kind of comments.