Painting A Landscape Every Day During April


I have entered the 'pleinairpril' challenge where I will be painting a landscape and posting it online every day during the month of April.

I will be doing mostly digital studies this year, but depending on how things go, I might include some watercolour & gouache, and oil studies later on.

These are my first 4 days, the first image you have, Skellig Michael from Ireland, second, the Norwegian Fjords, third, Murlough Bay from Northern Ireland, and fourth, Country Clare in Ireland.


Above image: The Fjords of Norway Painting Day 2.

Original photo reference from: @harikrishnan_91


Above image: Murlough Bay, Northern Ireland Painting Day 3

Original photo reference from: unknown source on search images.


Above image: A Bridge in County Clare, Ireland, Day 4 Painting.

Original photo reference from: @jamesatruett

Thank you for viewing,



The colors of each image are very beautiful and harmonious, and the effects such as water, rocks and grass are very well resolved. Good work.:)

@nicxi thank you very much! :)