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Hello Hivers!
Today I´m going to show you another facet of myself. I have also been teaching art to children and love it.
Here I´m sharing with you the process of making this creativity tool I started elaborating last March and little by little I have been making more rings and possibilities.

I love painting from random ideas and creating a narrative that can come from the subconscious.
I also teach children art classes in this way and during our severe lockdown in Spain last spring I only had online contact with my students and found some difficulties I tried to overcome.
I had this idea that if I made a wheel with different levels and elements this could be a way of starting a story with random objects or characters.


I went into my workshop and found some wood and cut it into the shapes I wanted and sanded them down, the most complicated piece to make and build was the window panel.

This took quite a challenge for me, to make all the windows almost the same.

I´m not a carpenter but I work out ways to use the tools available and did my best.
So, then I started to paint the different panels with background colours to start the story telling images.
Carefully applied the windows.


Then comes the fun!


Then another story wheel. Both of these can be changed at the base, depending on the story elements you want to have.



So, here you can see the different parts of the wheel and each larger or smaller wheel can be changed for another.

I then made a base for it and a few extra wheels that offer patterns and colours.
So, finally the way i have been using it with my art students this past winter is that they have to choose the selection of wheel of the three sizes, mount them with the hand clock and then turn the wheels in opposite directions and the result of the elements you have to work on are the ones that the the clock and cover. So, for example you get the cat at night in one, the window and then the crazy bird cycling along a field. With all these elements the children had to build up an image and from there comes a little story. This was a great way to get the image started in their minds when starting a new painting.

Here are a couple of my students playing with the wheel and getting their stories going.

Then I also have adult friends who have enjoyed playing with this after gathering for dinner one day.


I haven´t finished this yet, I always build in new circles.
One day I might make into a card board game to sell in a box.
Best wishes from Ibiza,
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The detail on each circle layer is really awesome! I think this is an incredibly creative idea to inspire even more creativity! Thank you for taking the time to share the whole process and to make an awesome post out of it as well. I think it's really cool how you approached your teaching style and applying this method to helping your students! I definitely think you could make and sell these. Keep up the amazing art!

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look into this post. I thought of making them to sell, it´s a possibility, if anyone asks me, I´ll work that one out. Best wishes!

I could see you making a few prototypes and then having those mass-produced and sold like board games. I think it would do really well in art supply and school supply (for teachers) stores!

I crossposted your post in the Alien Art Hive community and reblogged it too. I hope all of our artists here on Hive check it out! I really think it was/is a super cool idea!

I also visualize that.. hope I can make it happen. I´d love to see them being used in schools!

Oh! It is very good that detail. you are very creative!

Thank you! :-)

Wow, quite elaborate, you put a lot of work into this, I love it!
Sharing it here, and on Facebook.
I also tweeted it - hope you have more response to this!

Thank you Otto! I´m happy you like this one! Yes it´s a lot of work but it´s well used also. I will continue now and then making extra additional wheels and bring more possibilities! Best Wishes from Ibiza!