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here is the fifth painting done from a smudge.

This is the original panel. This is from where I built up the image.
In this case I don´t have any images in between the first and last.
till it finally looked like this.. I never know what it will end up looking like!
To see the previous ones you can see here

This is acrylic on wood, size 35x45cm.

I hope you enjoyed this version of the scribbles taking them to another level... colour!
Best Wishes, Romanie


Mmmmmm pizza beast!!😋

That’s extremely amazing
You didn’t know what it was going to look like but you gave it a fantastic look
That’s so good

thank you! :-)

This is something different from your usual drawings, and this is amazing.

yes, I´m also trying it with colour paint, its fun!

It truly does look amazing. It reminds me somewhat of the internal structure of the human ear found in our school-level science books.

oh right! I see what you mean! funny! :-)

This is really looking so os beautiful I must confess

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