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Hi everyone! This is my first post ever here so I guess an introduction is in order.
I'm Roger, a digital artist from Barcelona, and I'm most interested in fantasy, environment and dark art.

I mainly work with Photoshop but I also use other tools -usually some kind of 3D- to either help me with composition or to appear in the final result.
As a freelance, I design book and music covers, and I regularly work with a couple of tabletop RPG creators.




My background is one of a photomanipulator, but nowadays to create these I use a range of techniques such as digital painting, photobashing and whatever I can get my hands on and learn.

Online you can find me in many places. While this is my online portfolio, I'm present in some large social media and art sites:

Prints and more

Oh, I also love music and play drums in a couple bands. I'm not sure if I'll be posting anything about them here, but if you are really bored and want to listen to it... :P

Neblia - Tzim Tzum
Coure (EP)

Well... I guess that's it. :D
Chat soon!


Welcome rowye!
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 3 years ago  

Wow, these are amazing. I am sure many will be appreciating your work here on Hive.

 3 years ago  

I hope so! I'm glad you enjoyed them, thanks!

Cool... I hope your pages go big here 🤗👌👌👌

 3 years ago  

:D So do I, thank you!

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hello dear friend @rowye good night
It is a real pleasure to have your presence, thank you very much for choosing us, I wish you all the success you deserve
have a prosperous week

 3 years ago  

Thanks for the welcome, you too have a great week!

There is nothing to thank dear friend, I hope that success will accompany you in all your materials that you present
have a splendid day

Welcome to Hive and OnChainArt @rowye! It's great to have you here. I'm the admin here and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

@tipu curate 2

 3 years ago  

It's great to be here, thanks for the welcome!

Welcome on board :D

If you ever feel inclined to post about the bands in between bouts of art some of us don't mind variety ;D

 3 years ago  

Hahah I will take that into account. Thank you!

welcome to hive family

 3 years ago  

Thanks, glad to be here!

Welcome to Hive! I'm sure people will enjoy your amazing artworks. Best wishes and good luck! (:

 3 years ago  

Thank you, I sure hope so! :D

I like your art! Welcome to Hive, this is the coolest place for creators!

 3 years ago  

I'm so glad you do and to be here. :) Thank you!

Hi! welcome to hive.

Your work is magnificent. It is a joy to see artists like you on the platform.

 3 years ago  

It's great to be here, thank you! :D

Super buenos tus trabajos 👍
Te seguiré, espero ver mas.

 3 years ago  

Jeje me alegra que te guste y no te preocupes que habrá más. :D Muchas gracias!

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Beautiful work, welcome to Hive!

 3 years ago  

I'm happy you enjoyed it, thank you!

 3 years ago  

Welcome to Hive. Wonderful art you are creating, I love it!

Great work & Welcome. Hive has several art communities to check out (#alienarthive, #creativecoin). Explore & Enjoy


Hello, welcome to this place.
Everything you do is incredible.
I will really enjoy seeing your works of art.

Pfff, good technique, really are very brutal arts. I'll follow you to see more of your good jobs.

Hello there Roger, and welcome aboard the Hive! Great to see you here, and with such marvellous artwork as well. I've been taking the time to scroll around your ArtStation page, and suffice to say, it's all amazing! Can't wait to see more of your illustrations soon! Also, I don't know if anyone's made this reference yet, but I see that lady being well acquainted with getting boned ;-)

Hello Roger, good to see you here :) Your skills are amazing and I can learn a lot from you. I hope to see your artworks here sometimes and good luck! :)

Welcome on Hive.
Impressive work, can't wait to see your other works 😀

Wow, you do all those incredible things that I see in the trends these last days. Welcome hive is a beautiful community, everyone will be happy with your work. You can also join certain Spanish-speaking communities. You are so talented!

Welcome to Hive.

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Hey @hivewatcher, I onboarded him, so created his account and gave a little delegation as well. It's known that I was about to do it since time ago. I hope his Instagram verification and the explanations that I'm giving now, will solve this issue. Regards!


 3 years ago (edited) 

Hey @hivewatcher! I've changed it now. Let me know when it's verified.

I took the chance to remove special characters since apparently they don't work for everyone. :p

This is so beautiful

Hola Roger!
I love your work, I am also in Barcelona (also an artist) and I've seen you are sharing great artists on your feed.
We are gathering some people in Barcelona to make the community bigger, maybe you'd be happy to join and participate in the gatherings! Here is the link of the community.
PS: Just found you on Instagram as well :)
It is an inspiration to see all the art sites you are sharing! I am going to have a look at them plus maybe use them as well for my art!

 3 years ago  

You'll definitely see more. :D Thanks!