Mary Magdalene 2125 A.D.

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"She was his confidant, trusted adviser and lover. But, now he's gone and she has to keep living and to spread his word, while looking for the one who betrayed him. That means an upgrade..."

I really need to devote some time to my other passion, writing. I would love to write scripts for film, but it's hard to get motivated and to devote the time to it.

What about anyone else? Do you have another non-art related interest, or passion that is neglected due to your responsibilities, or the constant hustling required to make a living as a full time artist? I'd love to hear about it.

Solitude copy.png

You can find Mary on KnownOrigin

 7 days ago 

cool work !

Love this 🙃

Thanks! 🙏

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incredible drawing 😊 excellent work 👍