Looking for Foundation invite please!

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This is the latest card art for the Cthulhu set i am making on Atomichub. Check out my collection here


Also if you pls follow and upvote me on Foundation so i can start selling NFTs there please! (all u need is a metamask wallet) You can sell on Foundation if you get enough upvotes instead of an invite.... Its gas free and would help me out alot!!!


If you could it would be much appreciated!!! <3


Beautiful! I ll support you on foundation tomorrow!

Thank you for ur support! gimme ur link so i can follow and upvote back!

I just managed to do it now :)) phewww
I see you are doing great there, well done :) I am your 164th vote
I also followed you on insta (from my katycrete account)
All the best to your journey!

Awesome work! Voted. I'd appreciate your vote too, if you would be so kind! https://foundation.app/afturner

Ok done ! Thanks for ur support!

extraordinary as always <3

Thank you as usual! much love!

Beautiful work (as always)!

Love the Cthulhu theme. Very well designed NFT cards.

I clearly need to get myself more WAX.

Thanks alot Nate much appreciated!

I really like cthulhu stories. The drawing is also very nice. I wonder if you will draw any other than the gods in the stories? For example cats: D Cats were also quite interesting or maybe the fly story :)

I will draw cats rats bats for a foundation invite or upvote!! I need that good shit!!! https://foundation.app/shinoxl

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Wow this is very cool. Reminded me of Cthulhu by H. P. Lovecraft.
I also made an artwork titled YELLOW QUEEN, which you can see here if you are interested (which is already sold)
or visit the virtual gallery
https://www.cryptovoxels.com/[email protected],478N
and I checked your Foundation page. Vote earned!