Prom Queen 21

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The Real Superheroines of Hive Valley

prom queen 21.png

Getting a real Eddie Haskell vibe off of this guy.

This may change really quick from a winter ball to Thunderdome.

I am actually publishing this on Sunday night to drop Tuesday morning, since I will be homeless for a couple of nights. I usually find some place to get some work done on my computer, usually a Panera, but just in case, I'm ahead of the game.

So far ahead, maybe I'll clear some time to work on my book the next couple of days. Although I could just let an AI write it I suppose. Hey, that way, I won't know how it ends!

The Real Superheroines of Hive Valley is a webcomic about a reality television show following the lives of seven public domain superheroines that all live together in the same mansion in the elite community of Hive Valley.

You can read the series from the beginning ---> HERE.

Created in Clip Studio Paint Pro on my mobile art studio which is a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Here is the time lapse video:


I doubt any AI could come up with the story twists you write. Human imagination is hard to match.


She looks so sexy
I love this episode, lol