Prom Queen 23

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The Real Superheroines of Hive Valley

prom queen 23.png

Uh-oh, a mysterious Femme Fatale has teleported onto the scene. And she has an ice troll with her. Or possibly a snow troll, I can never tell them apart. Frost troll?

Also, here is documented proof that the production team running this show are as mature as high school boys.

The Real Superheroines of Hive Valley is a webcomic about a reality television show following the lives of seven public domain superheroines that all live together in the same mansion in the elite community of Hive Valley.

You can read the series from the beginning ---> HERE.

Created in Clip Studio Paint Pro on my mobile art studio which is a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Here is the time lapse video:


Did she teleport, or did she just wake up where once her ice palace stood? Awakened by the sounds of a winter ball?

She's a real charmer… no, not like that, she's using some psychic ability to charm people.
(Good thing i have a picture of Ms. Victory to protect me!)

So, what is she here for? Does she need more crown to add to her crown?

the punch bowl was out of ice.
She is here to help.

Another monster creature. We all know someone in the house who is into monsters.

Right, right
Your explanation makes perfect sense.


Awesome she puts all the other women to shame


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She’s so pretty so I think I understand why the giant man is in love with her
Nice episode

She's not dressed for the cold. Could do with a cardigan at least!