Skulduggery - Testing Materials on a Human Skull

skullzgoldView 1Gold.jpg
Here are a few more Adobe Dimension render tests. This time I took a human skull model (from microsoft paint 3d lol) and exported it to 3ds Max for some refinement. Then I exported the skull into Adobe Dimension using fbx and worked with materials there. This is a gold version of the skull with a spot light on one of the stacked skulls. Black and gold looks perfect on this model, very piratesque.
skullzView 1.jpg
This is a test where I blend a few different materials together, from gold, to red jello, to a carbonfiber to a matte black and some matte green and purple. The red jello material really blends well with solid texture to create a subsurface scattering type of effect.
skullzgoldView 1Blue.jpg
here I isolated parts of the model, mainly the teeth and eye sockets to apply different materials to them. For the main body of the skull I did a mixture of a car paint material and glass to create the illusion of transparency and shine. I also adjusted the lighting to have some fog around the edges with a bright backlight.
SkullzView 2.jpg
Now for a wall of skulls that incorporates many of the materials I worked on for the previous three views.
SkullsView 3.jpg
And another view looking up. Now that I have all these still renders with a few different layers of materials I can potentially animate them via masks in Adobe After Effects. Maybe they will get incorporated into one of my music videos one day.

Thanks for looking :-)


Strange skull materials, my next tests will probably be on an insect model of some kind.

It will be interesting to see!