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RE: Splinterlands Art Contest - Mermaid Healer

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Thanks for sharing! - @carrieallen

Ahhhhh! Carmen! I love it! Again! And thanks for including the Splinterlands logo to help spread the good word. You're the best.
Oh! Also... me and the hubs totally learned about butts because of this! Like... why do WE have butts and maybe mermaids don't. 🤣 The truth? We have butts to keep us walking upright. Essentially, balance. #themoreyouknow


Hi Carrie !! How are you? Thank you very much! Ohhhh! It makes me happy that you like what I did with the character, it is a pleasure for me to have your beautiful presence around here. Oh yes, in fact lately I have dared to put the logo for that reason, I think it gives a bit of propaganda (if other people see it) to the game.

Darling you are going to make me blush.

LOL! It is good to learn, I do it every day (They are mostly tools of Ps), The butt is a fluffy, charming part, full of mysteries and that often tends to get a few bad words out of my mouth when I draw it hehehehehe, I have many butts in my mind hehehehe. Certainly they don't walk, but it's great to see them a little different and not covered in so much scaly skin.