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RE: Art Drop!

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I'm seeing a lot of talk about NFTs on Twitter, so I hope it is going well for the artists. I expect a lot of people will struggle to grasp the concept of limited edition digital art, but digital assets of various sorts already have a thriving market.

Good luck with your art.


The NFT artists are doing quite well. They put out good work, collectors spend ETH on it, the creatives then talk about ETH, crypto and blockchains to their combined hundreds of thousands of followers...everyone comes out ahead. Hey...HIVE should try that! Oh wait....they did and the Whales never showed up, and now HIVE is worth...waht? .15 cents? .12cents? smh I repeating myself? I just thought I'd say it again in case they fork off into a THIRD attempt and maybe finally understand where their actual value lies.

Yeah, I get it that Hive is imperfect. It's got issues with trolls, greed and lack of coordination, but I still like it for the community spirit. I think it's worth persisting with, for me at least. For those trying to make a living online you have to go where it's most productive. I'll keep on doing what I can to make Hive more effective and maybe it will work out in the long run.