3D Printing a Dancer Statuette

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Hey, its been a while since my last post. I wanted to share this Twilight Dancer Statuette I 3D printed recently with you.

I wanted her posture to be graceful, like that of a gymnast or dancer, her outfit also emphasizes this part of her character. On the other hand, I also wanted her to have somewhat animal or alien features to her anatomy, which points to a more primal, mysterious side of this character. I tried several different ways to pose her arms, but in the end I liked her better without them.






It was a tricky one to fit inside my small 3D printer and it get done in one go. It was almost like I deliberately punished myself designing her in that pose. I was also a bit worried that she may break off from the base, but perhaps I was worrying too much because she turned out quite alright.





Modeled and rendered in Blender
Model printed on Elegoo Mars MSLA 3D Printer
Thank you for your time!


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Wings count as arms 😆

How do you figure out the balance point for something like this?

I'd really like it to be more sophisticated but I just roughly estimate where the center of mass for the object is and try to pose it so the heaviest point is supported (and then I curse a lot when my test-print falls over). Hollowing out the character and leaving the base solid helps too.

I think there was a precedent for arms-wings, I'm pretty sure there was a game with a female character who could transform her arms into wings, but I can't remember what it was now.

Wow, incredible work!

Thanks mate, I'm glad you like it.

This should get $100 upvotes.

Wow that sounds like a lot. I'm happy you like it, thanks!

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Done 👍

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this deserves more upvotes! Great work!
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Beautiful 3D print :)

Thank you!

this is amazing! wow

You're too kind, thank you!