The Ghosts of the Old Wood 3D printing miniature design

in OnChainArt8 months ago

Hello Everyone, I hope you're doing great.
I'd like to share some of my latest miniature designs.
I've called this small set The Ghosts of the Old Wood. I was inspired by supernatural mythical woodland creatures and fantasy elven themes.

Everything was sculpted and rendered in Blender using my old Intuos Pen tablet.






I've started printing with the most difficult one (separate leaves!).


To be continued!


Patreon All my 3D files are available for my patrons.
My Mini Factory Separate models can be purchased here.
Thingiverse Here you can download some of my free models.


Wow~ your works are awesome. You’re such a great artist.

Thank you, glad you like it, I appreciate that!

I love the ram/goat/whatever it is in the first pic! And that last one of the crawling tree looks particularly terrifying for some reason, I'm sure they're nice once you get to know them? Maybe? XD

Hi. The first one was inspired by deer/elk. I think a lot of our mythical forest deities and magical creatures can speaks to the respect our ancestors had for nature. Nature that can take a good care of it's children, but it allso posses a great potential for destruction. The crawling tree is clearly loosing it's temper, probably with people doing foolish things... its better not to mess with nature :D

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They look just incredible, @surrealis - amazing work, so very well done!

Hey thank you very much I appreciate that!