Triton 3D Printing Miniature Design

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Continuing the aquatic thread, I am sending some photos showing another miniature depicting different inhabitant of the underwater kingdoms.


Triton was a name of a Greek god of the sea, son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, it was also a general name for mermen.
Mermen, unlike mermaids have very little interest in human and their affairs. They prefer to keep their distance unless directly provoked. They often serve as guardians of the treasures and secrets hidden in the depths of the sea.

There are many different versions of tritons on ancient art. Pottery and sculptures usually depict them having combination of human or horse anatomy with reptile and fish parts. The human portion on my triton is much less obvious and is blending smoothly with the eel like body parts.








Modeled and rendered in Blender
Thank you for your time!


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