Art Attack #133: The Cursed Death of a Toaster 😱

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Hey Hive!

We're back again with another Art Attack! If you're new to the series, this is where I share my drawings and the process behind them. A behind-the-scenes look at my artwork, if you will. This is not to say that I'm very good at art, or that I'm a professional in any way. In fact this is the opposite, and serves as a reminder to how I first started, and lets me track my progress too!

So we're still on our streak of posts where I share about art pieces I did for those in my chat who redeemed free art over on my Twitch channel! One of the perks of being Twitch affiliate is having customisable channel redemptions so anyone in chat can trigger different stuff using channel points! Since I'm an artist, I thought I'd reward my loyal viewers with free artwork at 150K channel points!


This request was actually redeemed by one of my streamer friends, who goes by ToastedToasterTV on Twitch! He requested that I draw an emote but not just any emote - a SAMOGE emote. There's quite the backstory behind this inside joke, but basically samoge is the combination of two emotes on Twitch - Sadge and Smoge, and Toasted accidentally combined them into Samoge.

These are what the Sadge and Smoge emotes look like respectively, where the Smoge emote is an animated one with the smoke billowing upwards.


Anyway, we ended up laughing for about an hour at Samoge just because of how funny it sounds. It was pretty funny since it kept coming up at the most random times but we'd still laugh at it anyway.

And after that chat kept asking me for a Samoge emote and Toasted redeemed the free art for me to draw it for him, so I got to work trying to figure out how to draw it. After browsing through the web for sighing/smoking emotes I finally found the best reference ever!

Source: tenor

When I saw this gif I immediately thought it was perfect and I wouldn't be able to find anything better than that. And when I showed it to Toasted he immediately laughed and thought it was so good too! Since we were both PNGtubers are the time I asked Toasted for his PNG for reference and this is what it looks like:


So I got to work on the emote during my next art stream and this was the sketch I came up with!


Working on this was actually pretty hilarious and I wasn't sure whether to draw in the nose or not since Toasted himself doesn't have a nose. But I think it looked too cursed without it tbh.


We all had a good laugh while I was drawing this and I think it was still one of the best and most memorable art streams I've ever done 🤣

Too bad Toasted wasn't around when I was actually drawing it but he loved the highlight so much! I lined it on stream too and this was the result. I thought it was pretty clean.


And finally the coloured version! I followed the colours from his own PNG while also adding more shadows and colouring in the mouldy toast. I think colouring is still my favourite part. The front piece of toast might've been too close to the edge but it was tough to see how he drew it since the eyes are covering it in the original reference.


Overall though I thought it looked perfect as it is and I'm so glad Toasted loved it too! He immediately uploaded it to BTTV and now it's on both our channels and discord servers for everyone to use! I think this was hands down one of the best emotes I've drawn even though it's very cursed.

I'm glad everyone loved it though and the whole process was hilarious from start to finish. I think this was definitely the most memorable art redeems I've gotten for sure.

But that's gonna be it for today! Thanks so much for reading!

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