in OnChainArt4 years ago

Good day, dear friends!

Today I want to present my latest work to you.

Every time I draw in photoshop, I'm going to make screenshots of layers to show the whole creative process step by step. But creativity is so exciting that I almost always forget to do it.

Creating a drawing in photoshop, or in any other drawing program, requires creating many layers. This can make the artist's life much easier. Sometimes their number can be about a hundred. It all depends on the complexity of the picture.

My Doberman-drawing is simple, but requires creating many layers, but I will show you some stages of the work today.

The first stage is a sketch or sketch.

The second stage is applying the tone.

From then on it is the portrayal of shadows, lights and small details.

At the end, you can perform color correction and play with colors.

The drawing is ready! Thank you to everyone who cares about my work, for your attention and your likes!