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Good day , dear friends!

We all dream of something. Making plans for the future.
Our dreams are different : everyday, large, cherished and even not unprofitable.

This stream of thoughts and desires, a noisy swarm, buzzes in our heads all day long.

But has anyone thought about what our Pets dream of?
Their dreams and desires are much simpler. All they need is a delicious dinner and our love.

This is my cat Vasilisa- a lover of fish and delicious cat food.
I always know how to please my favorite.

It's nice to draw those you love . This drawing is made on a graphics tablet.
Love your Pets, because they need our love so much .


Good art! I believe that your post is undervalued and deserves a reward. I added it to the list of underappreciated posts.

Thank you very much for your attention!

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