Parental home

in OnChainArt4 years ago

The memory of my parents ' home is alive in my heart.

No matter how our life turns out, the light of our native Windows will warm us until our last breath!

This house is long gone. So I tried to draw my native places, squeezing everything out of my memory as much as possible, down to the last blade of grass.

I want to make a picture out of this drawing. I'll print it on canvas and hang it on the wall.


Aww that's sweet :) One of my uncles did a lot of drawings and paintings of their childhood home (I don't know which ones were done from reference if any or if they were all done from memory, pretty sure he was an adult and long moved out when he did them) and a good thing too as I don't know if there are photos of the house (would have to check with my dad) but like your parents house the tiny little bungalow is long gone.

Did the house not have overhanging roofs?

It looked like a nice place to come home to :)

Привет! 😊
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