Simple boat painting - by @wien-art

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hello OnChainArt friends all over the world how are you all.. this time I will share my new work on the OnChainArt community, I just finished my daily task, namely posting boat paintings using improvised materials because I don't have proper materials to make my paintings using only pencil and a sheet of paper,




The process of making this painting takes about 1 hour to complete. this painting is not as good as a great artist, please understand if my work is not satisfactory due to the limited knowledge that I have very little and need to be sharpened again.

The object in this painting I photographed on the river in the Javanese village area, this river is a river where fishing boats are marked, then I found a very good site for us to make an object in the painting, namely a boat that has not been used for a long time. Then I took a portrait and I made it an object of painting.


I really hope that the professional artists in the OnChainArt community share their knowledge about fine arts so that we can further improve the quality of the art we produce, like our seniors in this community who indeed look very great and have characteristics in the field of painting, including: :
@mohanraj @romanie @nesni996 @artbymila @anttn @jhonboss @damoclesart @wowart @chimucks @leoplaw @idyharrison @jude.villarta @aularjavier.

and also many other masters that we cannot mention one by one.

This OnChainArt community is a very useful community and all of our creativity can be shared in this community, I am very happy to be in this community, I hope this OnChainArt community develops and succeeds, greetings from me @wien-art. thanks.


Hi Wien

Your pencil works are awesome.. you have good sketching skills.. keep head down and keep working.. success with find you 👍. I am sure you will reach great heights in years to come.

Try to focus and create original works than copying existing works

Keep posting 👍

thank you for the advice and encouragement that you give my friend,

i am very sorry to disagree because this isn't just simple, this so extravagant and unique already.

You did great on the shadings. I am more on the digital side of art. Right now, I am trying watercolor painting. 😊

thank you @jijisaurart for the enthusiasm my friend, I often visit your baranda and see that your work has its own characteristics, never stop working. you are amazing,,

You're so talented 🥰🥰✨ I so love your masterpiece ❤ How I wish I was as talented as you are ✨

thank you @erikasu for the enthusiasm you give me, I am very happy to be able to visit my post, for my painting experience I cannot yet be categorized as a professional painter, my work still has many shortcomings and needs to be studied again, if you want to try to draw then you must often practice drawing and one day you will definitely be able to, never stop working, all you need to know is that you have a good voice, I like it,👍

Hello Wien, Your artworks are amazing, you have great talent. I got surprised seeing my name among those artists. Thank you very much.

yes my friend I often visit your veranda and see your work is amazing, thank you for the enthusiasm you give

Wow, that looks lovely.
You are doing well. Keep it up.

This is a great art by you and I know that you can show more..👏I liked how you did this one.

Drawing with pencils is the hardest like getting n matching the proportions is so hard hats off to u you made it exactly like that 😍